Temple Body Awakening

Are you ready to say YES to Yourself, Your Feminine Power and Your Temple Body?

Take control of your life as you reclaim your power and discover true freedom in your body and thoughts.

Join Sofiah and the Temple Body Sisterhood, on this intimate journey to awaken the Goddess within your Temple Body.

Discover your YES… what fills you up, what turns you on, what no longer serves, so that you can truly live a life you choose from a place of courage and power.

Learn to harness and embody six different Goddess archetypes living within you.

    • Compassion, Self Love and the Goddess Quan Yin
    • Abundance and the Goddess Lakshmi
    • Discernment, Inner Protection and the Goddess Durga
    • Ritual, Inner Revolution and the Goddess Kali
    • Sacred Sexuality and the Goddess Lalita
    • Being a Channel for creative spirit and the Goddess Saraswati

This course is one of the pre-requisites for my Temple Body Arts™Facilitator Training 

Are you ready to say YES to the abundant flow of love, wealth and creativity in your life?

When you invest time and money in yourself, you open up the channels to receive more of what you desire.

This course is currently not available as a self-paced journey, join the Global Mentorship Sisterhood LIVE!


“My intention for signing up for Sofiah’s Temple Body course was to begin the process of reconnecting to my body through dance and ceremony. Immediately I found myself finding extra moments each day to dance after doing Sofiah’s movement videos. Yes!

My already established meditation practice was enriched by celebrating the different expressions of the goddess living within myself. Sofiah’s guided meditations deepened my awareness of how energy was moving through my own body as I followed her voice. I have continued to explore the many faces of the goddess archetype and seek to further encourage my body to dance.”

Penny Brown

Visual Artist

“Sofiah totally embodies her message of love, passion and movement. Her presence and grace are magnetic and remind us all that the divine feminine is all around and amazing to witness. The meditation tracks, the movement videos, the music, the journal prompts and images all weave together and back in on themselves to help you bring yourself to your own newfound understanding of who you are and what you are striving to be. I really appreciate how Sofiah’s movement videos are a guide to remind us to find our own power, love, grace, honesty and bliss in our own movements and body. The rich learning is still unfolding for me, and I guess that is one of the biggest gifts- that the gift is still giving! The depth of studying each goddess brings forth new awareness and self-care rituals. Taking this course is an act of self-love.”

Jennifer Takahashi

Creator of Palmsprout

“Temple body journey was my first Online training and broke all taboos I had created in my head about online courses, it became a real journey inside. I discovered Sofiah is just as wild and free as I imagined, she is a vivid embodiment of the goddess, she knows how to listen to the wisdom of the soul, and knows the exact words to awaken the goddess within you.

I learned different tools to find the reflection of  the women archetypes within me, and I can honestly say that this journey inspired me to let my true self shine in the world.”

Fabiola Perez

Yoga Teacher

You will Receive:

  • 25 Hour Certificate for Continuing Ed. with Yoga Alliance for YA teacher)
  • Lifetime access to Temple Body Awakening Online Portal
  • Private facebook group to connect, share and feel the support
  • LIVE Q&A CALLS with Sofiah on the  Full Moon
  • (6) Fifteen minute guided embodiment videos for each Goddess
  • (6) Guided meditation mp3’s for each Goddess
  • Creative assignments and journal reflections

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